Arabic lessons


The size of the class is beneficial for the children because there are more opportunities for focus on them and their educational needs
Umm Kareem - from Islington
I am pleased with my son's progress. My child has been taught the correct formation of the Arabic letters. The classes are small which help the children focus. Also the Islamic cartoon clips interest the child 
Umm Ahmed - from Kilburn
Small focused classes. Good atmosphere. Good teacher-parent communication
Umm Sumayyah - from Bow
The teacher has an outstanding approach to teaching, Patient and fun. My son is learning well, in a deeper way and more thoroughly. Teacher and pupil relationship is of mutual respect
Umm Zain - from Stratford
The girls seem more confident and comfortable, and we feel that's because of the size of the class, the pace and style of teaching is better suited to their elementary Arabic language needs
Sister Hanan - from Highbury
The teacher is always very professional and very patient. I can see a massive improvement since my kids started lessons with him
Sister Fadillah - from Bayswater
The teacher is always friendly with his students. My children learnt very well and praised him as an excellent teacher
Sister Anah - from Chingford
An excellent teacher. My son really enjoys the lessons and is keen to learn. I could see an improvement with my son's Arabic writing from the first lesson!
Umm Maher - from Southgate
My child gets a lot of attention and has learnt a lot. The teacher is thorough and patient
Sister Shazia - from Stratford
Excellent teaching approach. Kids also look forward to the lessons
Sister Umm Hafsah - from Watford
My daughter's Arabic continues to improve and there has been a marked improvement in her reading and writing
Sister Sarah - from Shepherd's Bush
My son has made a good progress so far. I hope he continues to achieve his targets and benefits from his excellent teacher
Umm Mohammad - from Woodford
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